Ice on the outside air conditioner…

System is not cooling and you notice a bunch of ice on the outside air conditioner… What is happening?

There are two main ac repairs that account for this problem 90% of the time. Your air conditioning system will usually freeze if there is…

1. A restriction in air flow (usually caused by dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coil, or even a blocked return duct).

– or –

2. Low freon.

The first step of your ac repair is to allow your entire system to defrost which could take 3-8 hours. If the filter is dirty than replace it and you may have taken care of your problem. Buy some decent filters. Not the expensive ones those tend to restrict airflow. If you have been buying the cheap ones that don’t look like they would block dust then you may need to have your evaporator coil cleaned as well.

It is very important not to always assume your low on freon. You should have freon checked annually by a professional.


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